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Here is what people have to say about the treatment they have received at Prime Physio.
Marrianne Rooprai: "I've had my injury since 2004 and you'd think that the motivation to keep in shape and search for progress would waiver, but it hasn't. I'm in the best shape I've ever been and I feel my progress is greater than ever, Mind and Body. Whilst I thank many for my continued progress, since working with the team at Prime Physio everything has gone to a completely different level, with each member of their team bringing something fresh and special to my ongoing programme. I'm more excited by the future then I ever have been. My question wouldn't be why should you go to Prime Physio? but why wouldn't you?"
Claire Lomas: " I have used several different rehab centres since becoming paralysed in 2007 and Prime Physio is the one I always recommend. Andy is an exceptional motivator and the facilities are fantastic."
Mark Pollock: Exercise-based therapy has been a key facet of my rehabilitation post paralysis suffered in the summer of 2010. Working with Andy in Prime Physio we used patterns of exercise to try to stimulate my nervous system and maximise any pathways that remain intact. No miracles are promised and I don't expect any. But using exercise as a foundation for dealing with my paralysis from a physical and psychological perspective remains a core part of my weekly routine."
“I sustained a c5 level injury and for the last two years I've been going to Andy at Prime Physio. In which time I've made great progress in my overall fitness, especially my cardio. Prime is also a great place to meet like-minded people and learn and have a better understanding about your injury. Since going to Prime I haven't looked back and thoroughly enjoy all of the hard work!” M.
"I started at Prime Physio in April 2014.
Being wheelchair bound for 9 years, I had decided to take on the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro using a Mountain Trike and realised that I would need all the assistance I could get !
Apart from helping me achieve my dream, I reached the summit of Kilimanjaro on October 13th 2014, the fortnightly sessions at Melbourn have also had a positive effect on my day to day routines, e.g. The work done on my core and legs have simplified transferring in and out of my wheelchair enormously.
I have found the staff to be not only very professional and attentive to their Clients, but also great fun, I actually look forward to my physio sessions !!"
“Recently spent 3 days with Andy at Prime Physio and apart from him being numerically challenged it was great.
Who would have thought that doing a side stretch or kneeling on the floor (without kissing the carpet) could give you such a sense of achievement and as for getting me on a rowing machine again (don’t know why I said again cos the last time I rowed anything I was in a kayak on a school holiday and that was to many years ago)
Once on that machine your competitive nature takes over and you have too take part in the ‘Prime Physio Top Gear’ time challenge and get your name on the leader board, or Andy’s case the mirror, you’ll know what I mean if you’ve taken part. Don’t think I did to bad on my first attempt. Watch out Annie, next time I’ll be rowing up behind you.
Worn out !!!! Yep, but well worth it.
You’ll be asked to a short testimonial for the website when you leave and I hope this gives you a clue to how much I thought of the time I spent there.
After the 1st session I started looking at properties for sale in the area so I could visit more often.
Give me a couple of months and I’ll defiantly be back. (Hopefully he may have learnt to count a bit better by then).
When are we going to find more people round the country like Andy who are willing to spend the time and effort trying to get us back on track."
Many thanks.
Kevin Ridpath, Brighton
"very warm welcoming and lovely people, will push you to achieve your goals!"

Matthew P T5 Sci
“finding prime physio was like finding a gold nugget. They have helped me so much”

Multiple Sclerosis for 20 years